Indian head massage

30 min   22€
45min    35€

Deeply relaxing and stress-relieving massage for the head and also shoulder area and ears. I also treat the body with a balancing energyhealing (45 min treatment).

Massage removes stress and muscle tension, calms the mind, improves concentration, metabolism, scalp well-being and hair growth. Indian head massage is a millennium-old treatment. It is a part of the ayurvedic tradition that has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years.

Massage balances the autonomic nervous system and thus accelerates the body’s own healing processes and prevents diseases by strengthening resistance of the body. Endorphins released during treatment also effectively affect the mind by giving strength and joy to life. After the treatment, the feeling is calm, serene and the thoughts are clear.


Touch of Life

30 min    30€
Remotely 30min/20

The Touch of Life Energy treatment is a new form of treatment received by Susan Hedman that purifies and heals people and brings them closer to themselves and state of love. The treatment is very efficient and puts a strong change and development process into motion.

This energetic treatment can be done so that the customer is physically present, whereby the hands are placed lightly on the client’s body or remotely as agreed. The duration of the treatment is determined by the individual’s situation and can also be combined with other treatments.

I am deeply grateful that I have been in the first pioneer group who have had possibility to study this treatment.

Life Force massage

60 min   40€
90 min   50€
120 min 60€

In the Life Force massage the whole body of the client is treated with gentle but firm massage from head to toes. Massage offers 90 min of wellness, so you can just relax and enjoy. At body level, massage relaxes muscle tensions and increases fluid mobility. At the emotional level, the treatment provides the opportunity for a gentle opening of stuck and locked emotions. At the energy level, the treatment gathers the energy of the customer and pushes it strongly into motion.

The treatment uses oil throughout the body. The treatment takes about 90 min, you can also choose an 120 min or 60 min treatment. Careful massage of the whole body takes time and also gives the best result, so I recommend 120 min massages.

The Life Force massage is developed by Susan Hedman. With more than ten years of customer work has created this treatment that combines the best elements of classical, aromatherapy and ayurvedic massage. I’m trained by Susan Hedman.

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