Welcome to Italy, for trekking, treatments, retreats, vacation...

We all have our own life path (il Sentiero). I want to help you on
your path to self-knowledge, to help you to become your wonderful
real self and to identify and drop unnecessary mental burdens.

We are all responsible of our own lives, our decisions, and the
direction we go. I will help you to find love, peace and happiness
inside your self.

On your way to self-knowledge, the big choices in your life become clear;
you will know what you want to do from your heart, in which direction
to go and with whom.


Welcome to the wonderful landscapes of Italy to rest, to relax,
to hike, to be renewed, to be empowered and to find yourself.

Discover your own happiness.

Buy a ticket for a life renewing journey – to yourself.
Choose the best companion (yourself),
pack your backpack and fly!