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Ensuring your mental well-being, knowing yourself and clarifying your own belief world, taking care of your physical fitness and health, nourishing yourself with healthy and vitalizing food, simplifying life as far as possible, getting rid of everything you do not need. Delight your self every day.




I am Sirkka Aho and I live with my Finnish husband in our current home country, Italy.

We lived earlier in Finland and I was working in a biotechnology company in a responsible position. The conflict within me began to grow between the work I did and what my heart wanted to do and what kind of life to live. My sense of duty, however, forced me to continue as before until 2010, when I managed to negotiate possibility to take a one year sabbathical leave after 25 years of work.

A great adventure began when we packed ourselves and our belongings into the car and turned the bows towards Italy. The dream was to find a place where we could set up a center with our friends. Establish a place where we could live life differently, guided by the love and heart. However, we could not find a suitable arrangement, but we had already lost our heart to Cupramontana and decided to stay here.

I have always been interested in people and the holistic well-being. During the last 30 years, I have studied and learned through my own experience of life in its diversity and understood and experienced that there is so much more than what we can see with our eyes. The desire to understand oneself, others, and the whole mystery of this life, called me to study to be a Mental coach, organised by Olemus. I have also studied a variety of complementary therapies that I use in my work.

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